The Midnight Madness Marathon is offering 2, 4 and 6 person relays. 

All relays are the marathon distance.

All relay distances are approximate.  We have determined our relay transfer spots based on safety and accessibility.

You will be issued a chip that attaches to your ankle with a velcro band.  That chip and band is your "baton".  Relay runners will transfer the chip and band at the conclusion of a relay leg to the next runner.

All relay members will receive a t-shirt and finisher medal.

  2 person relays: each participant runs two laps of the marathon course.  Approximately 13.1 miles.

4 person relays:  each participant runs one lap of the 4 lap marathon course.  Approximately 6.55 miles.

6 person relays:  4 members run a 5K (approximately a half lap each) and 2 participants run a full lap (approximately 6.55 miles).